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High-Strength, Commercial Table Extenders


ConnecTable table extenders by American Douglas Metals (ADM) help restaurants, resorts, event centers and other establishments easily increase seating capacity to accommodate large groups. Made from aluminum, ConnecTable provides a sturdy, yet lightweight solution to both streamline group setup and provide greater seating space.

Benefits of an Aluminum Connectable Include:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick to Assemble
  • Increases Seating Capacity
    • Adds 2-6 Extra Guests*
    • Doesn't Compromise Additional Seating
  • Space-Saving, Stackable Design
    • Eliminates Need to Store Extra Tables
    • Doesn't Compromise Additional Seating
  • Long-Lasting, Sturdy Material
    • Rust-Proof, Military-Grade Aluminum
    • Resists Bowing When in Use
  • Thin, Lightweight Design
    • Can Be Assembled by a Single Employee

*Depending on size of ConnecTable

See how ConnecTable helped increase profits for a world-renowned restaurant

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