American Douglas Metals

Metal Embossing

Pattern Pressing for Coiled Metals

For unique designs or seamless integrations with pre-existing embossed materials, American Douglas Metals (ADM) offers professional metal embossing services for aluminum and steel products.

Our metal embossing capabilities include:

  • 64” Wide Embosser
  • 0.11” - .063” Gauge Range
    (gauge ranges may differ depending on material)
  • 25,000 lb. Maximum Coils
  • PVC Application
  • Stucco (Directional) Embossed Pattern
  • Diamond Embossed Pattern
  • Custom Embossed Pattern

ADM also offers a limited supply of embossed patterns such as:

  • Driftwood
  • Pebble
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Seville

With a full-service metal fabrication center, all metal embossing materials can be cut-to-length (CTL) or slit to your exact project specifications.

Speak with an ADM representative to get your custom metal products and services today.

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