American Douglas Metals

Metal Cut-to-Length

Exact Leveling for Coiled Metals

For cutting and leveling services of wide coiled metals into sheet forms, American Douglas Metals’ (ADM) cut-to-length (CTL) services can create the exact specifications your project requires.

Our metal cut-to-length capabilities include:

  • 48” Wide CTL
  • 60” Wide CTL
  • .013” - .125” Gauge Range
    (gauge ranges may differ depending on material)
  • 20” - 60” Coil Widths
  • 20” - 192” Lengths
  • 25,000 lb. Maximum Coils
  • Mechanical Stackers
  • PVC Application
  • Paper Interleaving

ADM is your full-service metal center with expert fabrication capabilities that help transform your aluminum and steel products to suit your project specifications.

Speak with an ADM representative to get your custom metal products and services today.

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